Crazy Cars Incorproated - Blog

Devlog 1: The new Idea
I had this new idea about a game that works like common block building games.
But instead of boring genre types like RPG or peoples building games I wanted to develop a game that is unique. Something new.
I cam up with: Crazy Cars Incorporated.
You own a lot near a big city. Your dream is to build cars for special use cases like toe trucks or firetrucks. You have to build them yourself with blocks (much like building a car in TerraTech or RoboCraft) . Then you have to test them so that they can be used for those special use cases.
In addition to that you can manage your lot (which has to be built with block too) and a team of NPCs to rent and manage those cars. They have to be built, washed, repaired and stored in your lot.

I know this seems a bit vague, but I'll promise you'l get it when you see some gameplay in the near future.
This is a private project with no commercial idea behind it, but I want to keep you updated what I am working on.
I'll also be updating this blog as I develop the game ;)