Displaced Reality

First Person Exploration

Elena - Displaced Reality is an atmospheric first person exploration game in which the player discovers the story of a young couple.

Elena won 2nd place at the German Developer Awards 2016 (Newcomer).

The player takes the role of Anna and has to find out what happened to her husband. In cupboards and drawers, she finds items and documents that reveal the truth. With the help of a mysterious caller she embarks on a search for an explanation for her husband?s disappearance. Experience Anna?s story, explore her home and draw conclusions to finally discover the secret.

Why it is important to me

Elena was special to me because it is my (and my friends) dream come true to publish a complete game. It started out as a student project but grew to a localized first person exploration game that can be experienced in 3D or in VR.


My work
Project Management

Unreal Engine

Published by LabOne48
Developed by Catch A Cat:
Kasimir Blust (Producer, Programmer)
Kathrin Radtke (Programmer)
Timo Müssig (Programmer)
Michael Dmoch (Audio Director, Composer)
Hauke Thießen (3D Artist)
Eva Kaldenbach (3D Artist)
Ploy Mehr (3D Artist)
Bozhena Chudik (3D Artist)
Eva Mattausch (Concept Art, Illustration)
Clemens Sandner (2D Artist

2nd place, German Developer Award 2016

HTC Vive
Oculus Rift

German Developer Award 2016 (german)

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