Open World Company


In World Company you take the role of a global company. You can choose your markets and produce goods that are cheaper, better or worse than your opponents. Trade them on the market or sell them directly to customers. Apply for big contracts like a train fleet for a local transportation company or build the next generation of space ships.

Current state of the game

This game is currently in a prototyping phase. I started to program the basic features to work in a console like environment. After the basic simulation was working, I began to implement a UI so a user could access those functions. Every city is created via a google maps api lookup. The countries, buildings and items, as well as the game settings are loaded dynamically via json files to be easily editable.

How this project started

When I played a long forgotten browsergame I noticed that the idea of that game would be great if you would not have to wait a few days for your products to be finished. After a few days of thinking the idea through Open World Company emerged. As I am only one person I intend to offer Open World Company for free on and possibly open up the repository so anyone can continue developing it.


My work

Unity 3D
Affinity Designer
FMOD Studio

Private project

Microsoft Windows
Mac Os X